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I give each client an opportunity to learn, re-examine, and develop a healthier relationship to cannabis. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals.

I felt like a stranger in a strange land when I walked into my first dispensary, 

needing assistance for sleep after recovering from a serious endocrinological dysfunction.

My first trip to a dispensary was confusing. I came because I was needing assistance for sleep after recovering from a serious endocrinological dysfunction. After a long wait, the advisor assigned to me greeted me with the warning that he had no more than a few minutes to spend, as he was so busy.  I described my problem, and was told that there was only one alternative for me. They sent me away with a product and no advice about how to use it.


After changing dispensaries in the hope of finding more competent caregivers,  I found a person who would spend more time with me, though who was unable to provide a solution for a new significant problem….. the only brand that was available to meet my specific needs provided a syringe with an undecipherable dosage-measurement capacity!


Now totally discouraged, I had the great good fortune of having discovered Dan who I immediately recognized was in a class by himself.  You have to be lucky in life to find the best and brightest when it comes to doctors, coaches, educators and advisors… it became immediately apparent to me that working with this young man would be a very different experience for me, based on his seasoned knowledge and expertise, his careful listening, and his astute responses always educative, explanatory and to the point. I immediately relaxed, being in his hands, knowing I had finally found someone who genuinely cared.

A little bit of his advice went a long way. With a quick 30 minutes phone call, Dan arrived at a custom-tailored, clever and creative solution to my dilemma, saving the day for me. I went from sleeping barely 4 hours a night to enjoying a deeper and longer, more natural sleep. I am so glad I reached out! In better understanding how to work with cannabis products safely and effectively, you will not be sorry you decided to speak with Dan.       

-Abigail H.

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